The Gold Coast PR Council is South Florida’s largest independent group of PR, marketing and communications professionals from Palm Beach, Martin and Broward Counties. Annual membership run January 1 through December 31 and levels are as follows:

Individual Membership

Actively engaged in a public relations and/or related communications career (communications, marketing, advertising, event management, journalism, media promotions, etc.), in addition to those engaged in the teaching or administering of public relations courses at an accredited college or university. Individual members shall have full voting rights, may chair committees, hold office, and participate in all organization functions, etc..

  • Dues are $50 per year
  • The individual paying dues owns the membership. If the member changes employment, a new membership application must be filled out and that person would assume ownership of the membership.

Premier Memberships

Are available for $100 and include the above-mentioned benefits with the following additional benefits:

  • One tag-along promotional announcement per year, in a regular meeting invite/job opening email to promote your clients, community involvement or yourself. The GCPRC email list reaches more than 900 local PR and marketing professionals.
  • The first Bernays Award nomination is free, additional nominations are $10 each.
  • Link to your website on the GCPRC website
  • Ability to use GCPRC logo on your website and your social media sites
  • Priority opportunities for meeting sponsorships

Group Membership

The membership shall be owned by the business/organization/corporation which applies for membership, pays dues and is represented by an employee member-of-record. The business/organization/corporation has the authority to appoint a new member-of-record if the corporate representative changes employment. Group members shall have full voting rights, may chair committees, hold office, and participate in all organization functions, etc.

  • Dues are $150 per year and covers up to four total members from an organization


Participation in the GCPRC Annual Bernays Awards, requires members be in good standing (paid-in-full) prior to submitting a Bernays Awards Application.

To Become a Memeber

Complete this two-step process:

  1. Submit the online membership application
  2. Submit payment
    • Online: Pay using PayPal
    • Offline: Mail a check made payable to GCPRC to
      GCPRC, PO Box 8553, Delray Beach, FL 33482

If you have any membership questions, please contact: Gary Schweikhart at